Our Vision

Razas Dome

We aim to implement the vision of Imam Ahmed Raza Khan Barelwi by working towards issues which he had deemed important for the growth and unity amongst the Ahle Sunnat. Mentioned below are some of the important issues stated by Aala Hazrat:

  • Grand educational institutes should be opened
  • Every town and city should have a representative who can raise issue as to the needs of the area so that speakers, scholars and literature can be made available to deal with the problem.
  • Religious newspapers should be published discussing religious issues and distributed throughout the country.

(Fatawa Rizwiyyah, Vol-12, P-133)

We can see that the grand vision of Imam Ahmed Raza was to create a network to help the Sunnis to work together and help each other for the betterment of Ahle Sunnat. The National Alliance of British Sunni Muslims has been established to make this vision of Aala Hazrat a success which will in turn help towards working locally, regionally and nationally together for Sunnism.

NABSM strives to address unique situations and challenges faced by Muslims in the West.