Mosque/ Org Membership


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When you join this Sunni Alliance as a Mosque/ Organisation, you will be joining a movement of Sunni Muslims around the country who are passionate about changing our communities.

Membership is open to all Sunni/Sufi Mosques, community organisations, businesses and individual Sunnis who are affiliated with a Sunni Masjid.

To be able to manage a nationwide project on this scale and to be able to continue its services does not come without a cost. To make this successful it is imperative that each member organisation makes monetary contribution to help the continuity of its services to Member Sunni organisations nationwide and bringing them together to create a network to work and share good practice.

Sunni Mosques and organisations will be able to subscribe and renew their membership on a two years basis by contributing at least £350 for the full  membership.

The NABSM membership will offer a number of benefits including rebates to selected conferences, short courses and workshops.

Mosques will benefit from annual Mosques conferences, advice, community mediation, management, advice surgeries, training courses and more ….

The membership calendar is from 1st of May until the 30th of April each year.

Forms can be sent upon request by filling in the form below or by emailing or by filling in the membership form below:

Affiliation Membership Form: