Individual Membership



The Sunni Alliance is supporting Sunni Muslims like you, who are living out each day for Sunniyyat, in your home, work, Mosque and community.

As an individual member of the N.A.B.S.M. you can gain benefits to a range of benefits:

  • The Muazzin, Our Quarterly newsletter/magazine, which will be full of news, views, information and an opportunity to know what is happening in the Sunni community throughout the UK.

You will also:

  • Be the first to hear of events, gatherings, training opportunities, new resources, advocacy campaigns and prayer initiatives through our emails and appeals.
  • Gain representation on a national and UK-wide scale as we speak up on behalf of the Mosque and the vulnerable to government and the media.
  • Be able to invite our Internationally renowned speakers to your Mosque or organisation.

We promise to introduce you to like minded Sunnis from across the UK. As a member of the Sunni Alliance, you are part of a community representing millions of Sunnis across the UK and around the world, cheering you on, praying for you and journeying with you as we all seek to gain the pleasure of Allah and His Beloved Prophet.

We promise to share the wealth of resources, expertise and idea of our members with our members. We will provide you with excellent, credible resources that will help you live according to the Qur’an and Sunnah.

We promise to champion the freedoms we have in the UK to have a public faith in Sunni Islam and share that faith with others. We promise to represent the needs and interests of the Ahle Sunnat in politics, the media and civil society. We will celebrate the work being done in our communities around the country.

An individual can become a member by contributing a minimum of £150 for a two years membership. That’s as little as £5 a month, or more if you can. You become part of a body of people who passionately believe that together we can make a difference. Alternatively, you can become a friend of NABSM and make a one off or regular donations by setting up a standing order. 

The membership calendar is from 1st of May until the 30th of April each year.

Forms can be sent upon request by filling in the form on the contact page or by emailing

Affiliation Membership Form: