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We the National Council of British Sunni Muslims are the largest Alliance. We are made up of many Sunni Charities, Organisations and Businesses, all seeking to serve Sunniyyat, for the pleasure of Allah and His Beloved Prophet and Messenger.

There is a lot to do in many different areas in our communities from offering community services, in politics, education, dawah, opening Sunni Centres where necessary, making a profound difference throughout our communities for the sake of true Sunniyyat.

This Sunni Alliance exists to help you work together with other Sunnis to see our lives and communities changed, to make Sunniyyat known.

Become a Corporate member:

Becoming a Corporate Member of the Sunni Alliance (N.A.B.S.M.) is easy:

A Business can become a corporate member by contributing a minimum of £275 for two years membership.

The membership calendar is from 1st of May until the 30th of April each year.

Forms can be sent upon request by filling in the form below or by emailing

Affiliation Membership Form: